Marilyn Magnusen

Front-end Developer


About Me

I'm a junior front-end developer. I enjoy working on interesting projects, of real value to the end-user. I work mostly with vanilla JavaScript and am also comfortable with Python and the Django framework.


After a few stints working for different startups (Streetcar, which was aqcuired by Zipcar, RateSetter - one of the largest peer-to-peer lenders in the UK), and running my own business, I started working at Marvel. I spent nearly two years doing everything from testing, bug reports, data analysis and data visualisation. The great thing about working in a startup is that everything is new and unchartered, meaning you have the opportunity to dip your hand in everything.

A large portion of my time was spent working alongside the dev team, especially in the run-up to new releases. It wasn't long before I went from testing and reporting bugs, to poking around in our systems, then peaking under the hood and trying to learn about how things actually worked.

I started off with Code Academy, learning the basics of HTML and CSS, moving onto Treehouse and using Youtube, Stack, Medium and anything else I could get my hands on. I found Codebar and still religiously attend.


I'm currently enjoying getting stuck into my own personal projects, focussing on expanding my knowledge and and skill set.

The Next Step

The Next Step is a tool for creating a more personable, modern CV. The idea is that instead of creating static resumes using outdated text editors, users can create resumes which show the best of their skills and experience.

I got the idea for The Next Step when transitioning between careers and building this site. I had great fun creating something unique to represent me but it struck how difficult it would be for people from a non-technical background to showcase their own work in the same way.

It navigates away from conventional editors such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, created in an era where documents were created to be printed. The traditional editor bar is replaced with a light-weight tooltop menu, drawing inspiration from modern editors such as Dropbox Paper, Quip and Medium.

The stack: the backend is built in Python, using the Django framework. The front-end is HTML, CSS and plain JavaScript. AJAX is used to send the user's resume content to the database, and again to populate the resume each time the page is loaded.

You can view the repo for it here or view the prototype here.

Hard Skills

Vanilla JavaScript

Core javascript

Working with contenteditable attribute

Simple unit tests with Jasmine


Core Python

Reading and writing to files

Doctests and unit tests

Manual QA Testing

Devising test plans for new product releases

Comprehensive bug reports

TestFlight for iOS


User registration and authentication

Templates, views & url patterns

Custom models

Soft Skills

Git version control - you can find a link to my Github profile below

Experience working with agile teams in sprints

Comfortable with terminal and command line

Atlassian - Jira issue tracking

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